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Have you ever gotten completely lost when following code examples in a computer programming book? This has happened to me far too many times, at which point I toss the book in the nearest trash bin. This experience has driven me to create the concept "Full Code Example", which means we will simply give you all the code necessary to run each example. Try the TekkieBooks brand. (Stephen P. Thomas, Tech Author)



Stephen Thomas - President and Author

Stephen P. Thomas is a successful author of Telerik Red Grid Control for ASP.NET AJAX by Full Example, a successful computer consultant of 20 years, a certified Microsoft Developer, and a software publisher of the Grytek Millionaire Order
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Beginning WPF 4.5 by Full Example VB.Net

Book Description Beginning WPF 4.5 by Full Example VB.Net Description: This book will quickly show you (by full example) how to create fully functional WPF applications using VB.Net, XAML, and Visual Studio 2010 or 2012, SQL Server 2012, LINQ, Entity Framework, and the DataGrid. The examples in this book will include every single line of code that is required to execute. No assumptions will be made. The decision to write this book came from the need and frustration with finding real usable solutions. The purpose of this book is to “Learn by Full Example”. This is accomplished by eliminating lengthy useless explanations. Most developers prefer to learn by coding and not by reading boring long and drawn out text. If you need more details at any point, then refer to Microsoft's MSDN website. There you will find all the Microsoft detailed references. The goal is to save the next person from this same frustration. Most real world .NET development projects do not allow a developer to click wizards and create an application, based on requirements, by the private or government sector. In order to be a professional .NET developer in these situations one must be an expert with all aspects of code in WPF. That is with the language you are programming, the declarative markup code, and the SQL language for the database. One must also understand the definition of each of the property settings used for each user control. In additional to the classes that defines each user control. These are the prerequisites for becoming a successful professional .NET developer.
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Objective-C for Beginners

Learning objective-c for beginners will get you started in learning this very powerful language for developing apps on iPhone, iPad, and Mac systems. Learn by full example.  By Full Example we mean that you will be given a complete example to work from and learn each step of the way.  You will never have to guess and fill in missing code.  In this way learning will never be frustrating. This book emphasizes objective c only by focusing on command line applications, which do not have a graphical user interface so that we can isolate, and focus on the programming language concepts and syntax.  This book explains very clearly detailed aspects of the Objective-C language.
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Telerik Rad Grid Control for ASP.NET AJAX with C# (4th edition)

This is a great book for professional developers and for those who want to learn from professionals about: adding filters to your Rad Grid, using case sensitivity, adjusting filter text box width, hiding filters JavaScript, Rad callbacks, popup confirmation windows, popup notification windows, AJAX Progress Indicator with fade in and fade out animation, Rad Window Manager, Rad Ajax Loading Panel, Rad Notification, Rad Ajax Panel, Rad Script Block, on item command, a new business layer project with data access logic, Item commands, view state variables and more.
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