Installing Visual Studio 2013 Step By Step ebook

Installing Visual Studio 2013 Step By Step ebook

Installing Visual Studio 2013 Step By Step ebook PDF/EPUB

This book will quickly show you step by step how to install visual studio 2013 on Microsoft's Windows operating system. It can be used as a quick reference or a standard how to document for your development team. Most developers are overloaded with many tasks and have limited time to search online where more advertisements are found in internet search results that will waste more of the little time that remains. How can one still be effective? Reduce the noise and obtain information free of it. That is our goal. These are the prerequisites for becoming a successful professional .NET developer.

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                            Installing Visual Studio 2013 Step By Step ebook
                            By Stephen P. Thomas

Table of Contents
Installing Visual Studio 2013 Step By Step 2
Proofreader: Stephen P. Thomas 3
Introduction 4
Prerequisites 4
Side Note: Correct Order to Install Side by Side V... 5
Let's Get Started 6
Installing Visual Studio 2013 6
1 Start by using DVD 7
2 Start by Web Installer 9
3 Start by Mounting ISO DVD Image 9
Side Note: Different Installation Filenames for ea...12
Sign In To Visual Studio 2013 33
How do I sign into Visual Studio? 36
Account Settings Command 43
InstallingVisualStudio2013StepbyStep/thomas 2
What happens when you sign in to Visual Studio? 45
To change your profile information 46
Welcome Email 47
Repairing Visual Studio 49
Side Note: The Fall of Development 49
To repair Visual Studio 50
Uninstalling Visual Studio 55
Adding Visual Studio Help content After Installati...56
Visual Studio 2013 Keyboard Shortcuts 60
File Menu Commands 61
Build Menu Commands 61
Summary 62
About the Author 62


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