Visual Studio 2015 Installation Handbook ebook

Visual Studio 2015 Installation Handbook ebook

Visual Studio 2015 Installation Handbook ebook PDF/EPUB

This book Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Installation Handbook will reduce the wasted time, remove the headache, remove the internet noise, and remove the pain required to search for information on the Visual Studio 2015 installation process. You are quickly shown step by step how to install visual studio 2015 on Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system. It can be used as a quick reference or a standard How-To or Handbook document for your development team. Many developers are overloaded with many tasks, which limits their time. In addition, have limited time to search online where more advertisements are found in internet search results than information. The ads waste even more of the little time that remains. How can one still be effective? Reduce the noise and obtain information free of it. That is our goal. These are the prerequisites for becoming a successful Tekkiebooks professional developer.

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                            Visual Studio 2015 Installation Handbook ebook
                            By Stephen P. Thomas

Table of Contents
Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Installation Handbook	1
Introduction	6
System Requirements	6
Visual Studio Community 2015 with Update 3	6
Visual Studio Enterprise 2015 with Update 3	6
Visual Studio Professional 2015 with Update 3	7
Prerequisites	7
Side Note: Correct Order to Install Side by Side Versions	8
Installing Visual Studio 2015	9
1 Install by using DVD	9
2 Start by Web Installer	10
3 Start by Mounting ISO DVD Image	11
Side Note: Different Installation Filenames for each Edition	12
Run the Installation Executable	13
User Account Control	13
Setup Can be Blocked If	14
Begin Installation Option Default	17
Choose Type of Installation	17
Canceling Installation	18
Choose Your Installation Location Option	19
Custom Install Option	24
The complete list of Custom components	27
Updates	27
Programming Languages	27
Windows and Web Development	27
ClickOnce Publishing Tools	27
LightSwitch	27
Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools	28
Microsoft Web Developer Tools	28
PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio (3rd Party)	28
Silverlight Development Kit	28
Universal Windows App Development Tools	29
Windows 10 Tools and SDKs	29
Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.0/8.1 Tools	29
Windows 8.1 Tools and SDKs	29
Cross Platform Mobile Development	29
C#/.NET (Xamarin)	29
Note: Visual Basic is not supported at this time.	29
HTML/JavaScript (Apache Cordova)	30
Visual C++ Mobile Development for iOS / Android	30
Clang with Microsoft CodeGen	31
Common Tools and Software Development Kits	31
Android Native Development Kit (3rd Party)	31
Android SDK	31
Apache Ant (3rd Party)	31
Java SE Development Kit (3rd Party)	31
Joyent Node.js (3rd Party)	32
Common Tools	32
Git for Windows (3rd Party)	32
GitHub Extension for Visual Studio (3rd Party)	32
Visual Studio Extensibility Tools	32
Sign in to Visual Studio 2015	36
Note:	36
Enter Email Screen Displays	39
Enter Password Screen Displays	40
Changing Account Settings	43
Account Settings Command	49
What happens when you sign in to Visual Studio?	51
To change your profile information	52
Choose Environment Settings	52
First Time Use	55
Repairing Visual Studio	56
Side Note: The Fall of Development	56
To repair Visual Studio	57
Uninstalling Visual Studio	60
Use Cortana Search to Find the Control Panel	60
Uninstall Warning!	66
Uninstall Using the Command Line	73
Adding Visual Studio Help Content After Installation	74
Visual Studio Keyboard Shortcuts	78
File Menu Commands	78
Build Menu Commands	79
Summary	79
About the Author	80


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